13 Helpful Tips to Making Moving House a Breeze.

Moving to a new house is daunting and nobody really likes it because it’s a lot of manual labour in a short time frame. Packing is even worse because everyone has a different listicle way of packing. However, we have provided you with 13 tips about packing and moving items that you may have forgotten about.

  1. Clear an entire day to move.

Make it easier on yourself and the others moving with you by not only packing in advance but by blocking out at least an entire day to move items between your old home and your new home. By having an entire day, there is less stress involved in moving because you have the whole day to go between properties. 

2. Defrost your fridge a day or two before the move.

Avoid the nasty smells that will come with moving your fridge still slightly cold by unplugging and cleaning it early. Don’t go grocery shopping before you move and try to eat out of your freezer and fridge.

3. Roll your clothes

Just like when you go on holiday, rolling your clothes will provide you with more space for other things that may need packing. Just make sure to roll them as tight as possible!

4. Use Bin Liners to move hanging clothes

Instead of unhanging all your clothes and accessories that are currently hanging in your closet, grab a bin liner (if you have a big bin) or a Samoan suitcase for these clothes. Leaving the hook out and bunching clothes together, it will make unpacking important clothes so much easier.  

5. Empty drawers

Some people may think its smart to move cabinets or drawers while they are still full. However packing them separately and disassembling cabinets and drawers makes it easier to carry as there is no additional weight and thus you will still have energy for heavier items that need moving.

6. Use suitcases to move heavy items

Books, weights, coffee machines these are all relatively heavy items that will be hard to move and can weigh you down if packed into boxes. Using a suitcase to move these items makes it easier because there are handles and wheels to move these items.

7. Label boxes

This one is really just a reminder. Labelling your boxes with where they go and what is in them will make your life and removalists lives easier when moving between properties. A helpful tip is to put the labels on the side and on the top of boxes and if you have heaps of time colour code the rooms.

8. Sticky tape lids of all open containers

Just in case something opens and goes everywhere. Nobody wants to have to wash an entire box of food items because the tomato sauce went everywhere. Wrapping or taping all of the open containers lids is a sure-fire way to prevent spillages when moving.

9. Use a sandwich bag for small and important things

By packing important items like screws to assemble your bed in a small sandwich bag you are less likely to lose important things that are needed for set up at your new home.

10. Wrap all breakables and valuables

This one is straightforward but necessary, just in case anything breaks wrap everything that you consider valuable or fragile in something. A helpful hint is to collect newspapers from local cafes to wrap pictures, glasses and trophies so you don’t waste your bubble wrap.

11. Use toilet paper rolls to wrap cords

Moving cords can get messy and confusing when they are all shoved in one box. Use old toilet paper rolls to wrap the cords and label each roll with the cords use to make your move easier.

12. Take photos (of set up and your new house)

In the rush of moving you want to make sure you are setting up everything correctly and you can forget where things go, so it’s important to take photos of everything. Additionally, if you are buying a used property or renting you want to take photos of your new property in case of any discrepancies.

13. Hire a removalist.

This is maybe the most obvious tip in this listicle. Hiring a removalist means that you don’t need to stress or throw your back out moving furniture, heavy items and outdoor gear. MSB Removalists have over 15 years of moving and packing experience and are available around the clock to make moving into your new home as easy as possible. MSB removalists can help you with every step of moving homes, whether it be packing, unpacking and transporting your items.  So if you are moving house make sure to get a free quote from MSB Removalists.

Peyton Matthews

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