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AvailSuite runs on Windows XP/2000/Vista


Janitorial software

Do you run or plan to start a janitorial company?

You probably know that it is not going to be an easy thing to do you need to manage customers’ orders, schedule services for them, keep track of invoices and payments, and much more.

What if there was a simple to use but powerful program that lets you manage every day of your company’s operations?

You know how to find new customers and provide the best service around, and still running the company is hard. The customers complain about things they didn’t order, schedules keep changing every day, you are not paid in time, and so on.

The problem is lack of ORGANIZATION

It is hard to stay organized in a small business, where everybody has a lot of hats to wear, and where customers expect your immediate reaction to their needs. If you don’t do it, they are off to your competition.

Our software AvailSuite is going to help you solve these problems. It has all features for effective management of a janitorial company.

Buy AvailSuite online, and start enjoying the benefits now!  The price of $299 includes a year worth of free updates and free technical support, without any hidden charges

While most of AvailSuite's features are well suited for every service industry, some of them can be customized to fit exactly your own service business.

You can overview AvailSuite features or continue reading to find out which features of AvailSuite are especially useful for janitorial industry.

AvailSuite janitorial software allows you to enter full range of services offered by your company. You can have as many services as you want with different prices, warranty periods and preferred vendors suited for your own janitorial company.

AvailSuite janitorial software has number of useful reports allowing you to analyze company cash flow, inspect profits and losses, see who owns you in the receivables aging report and more. "Sales by service/part" and "Approved expenses by category" reports proved to be especially useful in janitorial business.

There are customizable dictionaries of business categories in AvailSuite janitorial software which you can tune to comply with your own company needs. Customer, vendor, order, expense, service and more categories are available for your adjustment. In addition, you can edit these categories right on the entry forms in the "Edit List Mode".

Learn more about other AvailSuite features and how they can help managing your service business.

If you have any questions regarding AvailSuite janitorial software email us or use our web form.

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