Useful Mobile Applications for Training of Firefighters

Mobile applications have for sure redefined the manner in which firefighters function in their field of work. From transforming a Smartphone into a 911 alert system to placing a medical database directly in your shirt’s pocket, mobile apps have quickly become the best ally of a firefighter.

The cell phone innovations, most of which are free, imply basic data is readily available — in the event that you know where to look.

We’ve enlisted probably the four most valuable applications for firefighters that enable them stay on their toes and stay updated with the most recent equipment accessible in the industry.

  • Bryx Inc. as of late launched its Bryx911 application, furnishing firefighters with constant insight planned to help in responding to various fire situations. The app features continuous 911 alerts with data about the site and the scale of fire breakout along with navigation tools (giving the shortest possible route)to guide firefighters to the location. The application gives numerous approaches to firefighters to communicate with different responders and their individual stations.
  • Collector for ArcGIS is an ideal application for firefighters that deal with wildfires on a regular basis. Right from harm reports and administration solicitations to spots of verifiable intrigue, you can make and alter the information that matters most to your association.
  • Esri’s GIS application that allows users to share maps via messages, instant messages, and platform particular techniques. The Explorer for ArcGIS application gives responders a chance to hunt down data about their assets, figure out their location to see where they are in connection to their present area, and share the data with others. The interface additionally incorporates a drawing device that gives responders a chance to redline specifically on their maps.
  • Fire Flow/Pump Pressure Calculator ascertains both the required flame stream required to douse a structure fire and also figure pump release pressures for different hand-lines and ace-streams in both standard and metric terms.

The aforementioned applications prove to be of immense use amid crisis reaction. They form an integral part of the firefighter training programs as well.

Peyton Matthews

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