Apps That Help to Beautify Your Photos

face beauty

Gone or the days when a photograph once taken stayed etched on a plate or paper for life. With the exponential boom in smart phone technology and the growth of apps across operating systems, photographs taken on these Internet enabled devices can be tweaked to represent a beautified subject. Never mind the “selfie” that has a bulbous nose and fat hands in the frame. Edit it on special apps and bring it down to normal before sending it to friends or posting on Facebook.

A look at some of these apps will be in order.

Beauty Camera – This works on Android phones only and is a very basic app. While it can automatically remove blemishes and eliminate pores, you can only increase or decrease tone and brightness to your need. Good for those with expensive smart phones with high MP cameras where only a bit of work is required in skin tone.

Photo Wonder – If you want your photographs to look extraordinarily good, this is the app for you. It is available in both Android and IOS platforms. Apart from the features usually found in ordinary apps, this one has things exclusive – makeup and breast enlargement features! It cannot get better than this. When you go to edit mode, all the buttons are bunched under the photo for convenience. Go to the “One Click” tool which will brighten your eyes, smooth out pores and slim your face. If you are not satisfied, select a manual option to even enlarge your eyes and add blusher and eye liner. Hence, to look beautiful, you do not have to now go looking for IPL laser machines for sale and have permanent hair removal and skin rejuvenation treatments.

Beauty Plus – It’s a rage in Japan, Thailand and Taiwan and you should find it useful. The app is available in both Android and IOS versions. The moment you take a photo, the app sets to work. It smoothens pores, makes the face slimmer and brighter and overall makes you a much better looking version of your actual self! However, you needn’t stop there. You can carry on with a range of customizable options to increase the glamour quotient. On the flip side, the skin tone tends to take on a “reddish” hue at times.

With “selfies” becoming a major part of smart phone photography, there are some exclusive apps for this too.

CamMe – the main problem with selfies is that you have to hold the phone near your face. This results in an unnaturally shaped bulbous nose and a odd sized hand at the corner of the frame. With this app, you can keep the phone 2 to 16 ft from you and operate it with a single hand gesture. Photo editing options are the usual. The app is currently available on IOS platform.

FaceTune – Available on both Android and IOS operating systems, it costs $4 to download. But it is a power packed app, definitely worth what you pay for it. As its name suggests, it carries out a host of operations to the face in the pix. Whitening the teeth, removing redeye, colouring grey hairs and sharpening the jaw line are some of the features. You can apply lipstick, eye shadow and blush on if the selfie is just after you have left your bed.

These are some apps to beautify your photos with more advanced ones rolling off the lines every day. However, if you need to get that perfect photos just like the celebrities then you would have to undergo professional skin rejuvenation treatments with IPL laser machines.