Essential Apps for Medical Students

Apps for medical students

Let’s face it – getting through medical school is tough, more than maybe any other stream of study. It requires years upon years of intense studies, sifting through tons of intricate and complex study materials and a razor sharp precision of mental faculties. Most importantly, you have to wade through these courses alone because your friend and class mates have their own sets of problems tackling these complexities. Now, for some good news! The exponential boom in use of smart phones, related technologies and development of apps that touch almost every sphere of people’s lives have made life that much easier for  medical students who now have a lot to cheer about.

Here are some essential apps that lightens the burden of medical students around the world today –

Prognosis – The utility of this app can be gauged by the fact that it has been downloaded more than four million times across the full spectrum of health care professionals – medical students, nurses and doctors. The app has more than 600 specialist-vetted case scenarios across almost 30 branches of medical science. This makes it possible to hone your diagnostic skills in a simulated real life setting and prepares you to face the challenges of practice in real life, something that any amount of classroom lectures and clinical placements may not be capable of.

MedCalX – This is one app that makes medical students and other health care professionals keep their smart phones handy at all times, simply because MedCalX makes their job that much easier. It is a medical calculator that lets you access complex medical formulas, scores, scales and classifications. This becomes crucial when you might be facing situations where quick solving of cases is required in time-sensitive situations. Students of a dental technology program will find this particularly useful as it helps solve intricate formulas so vital for structuring orthodontic appliances.

Firecracker – For pre-med and medical students, this app is a must have. It helps in retaining complex medical topics in the mind – areas that are likely to be forgotten quickly. This app quizzes you on topics and thus becomes a very crucial tool in the whole learning process. You can repeatedly go through subjects that you are weak in by actively interacting with this app any time. As the name goes, this app is a real firecracker.

Epocrates – Over 1 million healthcare professionals use this app every day, so important it is for their daily functioning. What does this app bring to the table? It allows you to check drug interactions, consult monographs of alternative medicine, consult peer-reviewed information on diseases and go through review guidelines for treatment and care. The app is therefore like a manual of instruction for medical students who can depend on it for a wide range of issues, simply because it allows secure HIP AA – compliant text messages with the experts, colleagues or care teams.

There are hundreds of other apps that medical students depend on to unravel the difficulties of their course. What you ultimately download and store in your mobile phone depends on what matches your specific need.