Smartphone Apps for Water & Wastewater Management Pros

Apps for water

Smart phone apps for water and waste management pros are constantly being updated because this is one area of science that is always in flux. Technological innovations in water and waste management are consistent and hence the related apps too have to keep up with the changes. In fact, the changes are so fast that it is not surprising to find a few apps being updated almost on a daily basis. These apps are very useful for pros that turn to them to get on-line solutions and guidance for their jobs on a real time basis.

Given below are a few apps that are considered to be the leaders in this category but not in any order of rankings. However, the parameters that have been taking into account for judging them are their usefulness and whether they are handy in clearing problematic issues, whether they cater to all sections of professionals and the rating of the app.

Wastewater Management – Good for both Android and IOS platforms and is not free. Targeted mainly at wastewater operators and engineers, the focus of the app is on treatment calculations. It has more than 75 formulas that deal with processes such as activated sludge treatment, sludge digestion and production. It is also very useful for professionals who are dealing with chlorination and chemical addition and even lab culture and treatments.

Trimble Connect – A free app that is available on both Android and IOS. It is based on Geographic Information System (GIS) technology and helps professionals perform asset management and take decisions related to water, wastewater and storm water operations. The best part of this app is that it gathers information from other related app such as Meter Change-out, Leak Repair, Manhole Inspector and Water, Wastewater and Stormwater Mapper. Hence this is a very comprehensive app with very user friendly features for professionals.

Water Corrosion Analyser – This is not a free app and available only on IOS platform. By inputting a few key parameters, pros can evaluate data on corrositivity, scale–building tendency and risk levels. It offers diagnosis on saturation index, and electrochemical corrosion performance, water velocity and corrosive bacteria. Based on these indicators, the app then works out optimal and practical solutions to avoid damage and metal loss due to corrosion.

FlowCale – A free app on IOS, it offers an app that is ideal for measuring pipe diameter and flow velocity calculations and is therefore just right for pros working at wastewater treatment plants. The highpoint is that the app allows the pros to forward calculated measurements through email for approval from piping section experts.

ProTek Water Calc – This is a free app available only on Android platform. It is a calculation app and meets the needs of both utility professionals and engineers. The app helps to measure pump power, flow rate, head and efficiency as well as all the common formulas and unit conversions in either US or SI units. Pros can also get “disinfection estimators” for tanks and pipelines.

There are many other smart phone apps that are great for water and waste management pros each with their own unique and specific features.